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Mohamed Hamed

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In "The Scarlet Plague", the fiction novel written by Jack London, I read: "<…>He was as brown as a berry, and walked softly, with almost a catlike tread. In marked contrast with his sunburned skin were his eyes—blue, deep blue, but keen and sharp as a pair of gimlets. They seemed to bore into aft about him in a way that was habitual. As he went along he smelled things, as well, his distended, quivering nostrils carrying to his brain an endless series of messages from the outside world."
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What is meant by "bore into aft about him"? I know that "bore into" means "drill" or "penetrate." What is meant by "aft" in here?!
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  • Barque

    From the context, it seems to mean "all" or "everything" but I don't see that definition in the WR dictionary.

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