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I have been browsing through ad posts on and found a position of bore runner in agriculture, however, I cannot make up my mind about exact nature of this job: does the word bore here refer to some kind of wells or it is something else. The duties, in particular, include:

  • At each bore check the following: turkey nest level, turkey nest fences, troughs, motors and pump jacks, helical rotors
  • Keep records in writing of: bores checked, level of water at each turkey next, number of cattle at each trough, maintenance on fences, troughs and motors
Could you please clarify to me, if you can, the meaning of a bore here. As I suppose it is person who checks some agricultural sites with cattle or poultry there, may be places where they all gather to drink water or eat?
  • JustKate

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    It appears to be Australian English - I've certainly never heard it used in reference to ranching in the US. I've never heard it at all, in fact. But I do know that a borehole is a man-made spring (of water, that is).
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