Bored and bore

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"The claim that something is boring often tells us as much about the bored as it does about the bore."

Suber, Howard. The Power of Film (Kindle Locations 1388-1389). Michael Wiese Productions. Kindle Edition.

The second part of the sentence is confusing to me. Can someone please help what the meaning is?

  • Cenzontle

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    A person who is boring, whose conversation is boring, is called a bore.
    Your sentence refers to "something" that is boring (rather than "someone"),
    but still I think the sentence says that a person who says they are bored (either with a person or a thing)
    reveals something about him-/herself.
    (A person who is bored is not normally called "the bored",
    although this expression theoretically could mean a plurality of bored people, like "the rich", "the poor", etc.)
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