1. dudass Senior Member

    A student of mine has written in a composition:"...it makes me bored when I go shopping for somebody else" It sounds strange to me.In which other ways can I express the same idea?

    Are these correct?

    It bores me when I go...
    It bores me going ...
    I get bored When I go ...
    Going shopping bores me.
    Going shopping gets me bored.

    Thank you
  2. plsdeluno Senior Member

    To me they all sound correct apart from the last one. The third one sounds the best to me.

    Also, I find shopping boring.
  3. It does sound a little strange, but the meaning is still clear.

    Concerning your examples, a few of them sound odd, but all of them are understandable.

    The middle one sounds by far the most natural, but in English you might not always use the verb "go." For example, some other natural sounding ways to say that would be "Shopping bores me." or "Shopping is boring."



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