1. amy_03 New Member

    Torre del Mar-Málaga-España
    Castellano, Español
    Hola, me gustaría que me ayudarais con esta duda: para referirme a personas qué debo utilizar...bored o boring?
  2. ulala_eu

    ulala_eu Senior Member

    Galician and Spanish (Spain)
    Hola y bienvenida al foro :)
    Boring significa que algo es aburrido: That song is boring.
    Bored significa que la persona que lo utiliza está aburrida: I am bored because of that song.
    Así que, a boring person es alguien aburrido por naturaleza, y a bored person es alguien que está aburrido en ese momento.
    Además, esto es aplicable a todos los adjetivos que pueden acabar en -ed o -ing: interested, interesting; excited, exciting; etc.
    Espero haberte ayudado y que no te hayas liado más :p
  3. amy_03 New Member

    Torre del Mar-Málaga-España
    Castellano, Español
    Muchas gracias! Me ha sido de gran ayuda. Gracias otra vez!
  4. malegr20 New Member

    Castellano, Perú
    Hi everybody,

    I´ve some problems about using the verb bored and boring. I know, basically that we use "bored" as an state of being, so it must be refering to a person, for instance: Jorge is bored. On the other hand, "boring" must be used refering to objects, for instance, this flick is really boring. Nevertheless, once I heard one of my teacher saying that a person could be bored and boring, like:

    Jorge is bored
    jorge is boring

    She sayed that both are correct, but the first one is refering to a particular feeling a person has, like an state of being, and the second one (boring) is used when jorge produce that feeling, let say for example if jorge is a teacher, he can be boring if he produce that feeling toward his students.

    Is this correct? I meant, the use of boring in a persons instead of objects
  5. pubman Senior Member

    Your teacher is correct. A person can be boring.
  6. Wandering JJ

    Wandering JJ Senior Member

    British English
    Jorge está aburido = Jorge is bored
    Jorge es aburido = Jorge is boring

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