born in Hell's Kitchen

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    Hell's Kitchen (also known as Clinton) is a neighborhood in Manhattan, on the west side, north of Chelsea, south of Lincoln Center. Alicia Keyes is the pop singer.

    "Thunder on the Mountain" has a second verse based on the song "Ma Rainey" by Memphis Minnie. Dylan cuts and shuffles Memphis Minnie's lyrics substituting Alicia Keys and Hell's Kitchen for Ma Rainey and her Georgia birthplace.

    Memphis Minnie ~~ Ma Rainey, 1941
    I was thinking about Ma Rainey wonder where could Ma Rainey be
    When she made Bo Weavil Blues / I was living way down the line
    I presume that "down the line" refers to "farther down the railroad tracks" in the Ma Rainey song, but I may be wrong.
    A. Keyes was born in 1981. I guess Dylan was living in NYC at that time.
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