Born to/in a musical family

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"Born to a musical family in Germany, Prem Joshua began learning the flute at the age of five and became a fine flautist when still a child. "

I wonder if I can replace "to" here with "in" or "from". Or is"to" used more often in explaining such a thing as in the sentence?

Thank you.
  • MilkyBarKid

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    No, neither 'in' nor 'from' in this context.
    And actually, it should be 'born into a musical family'.
    We use 'to' when writing:
    "Babies born to women who have been exposed to Rubella during pregnancy..."

    "Born of Irish parents, he was steeped in Catholicism from an early age."


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    I agree with MilkyBarKid: 'born into a musical family' would be the correct form. Where did your quotation come from?
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