Borsa contenitore


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Fashion design context.

We are talking about a bag for neo mums. A bag that - when is empty - can become a porte-enfant.

The first part of the project (before the complete product description) says:

XXX, una borsa contenitore.

Is "container" right in this context? It sounds strange to me...

  • The problem, rrose, is that I must not use the word "baby" or something similar in the first part of the project.

    I have to say only bag+contenitore, since this bag can contain other things and only when these things are removed, the bag can be converted in a porte-enfant, that is to say in a baby carrier.
    Or "a bag that doubles as a baby carrier" - "borsa contenitore" e' abbastanza zoppicante anche in italiano, in quanto una borsa e' sempre un contenitore, e' un tipo particolare di contenitore.

    Sarebbe come dire " una automobile veicolo ", "un gatto animale" , "un passero volatile" ecc ecc.
    I've thought about double face bag, but it seems to me that it refers more to its sides/colours...

    How about double-use bag?
    rrose, no...

    In you're opinion - as a native - double-use bag is a possible solution?
    Does it make sense? (considering that later this double use is clarified)
    Double use sounds a little like you use it twice and then throw it away... Better would be multi-purpose bag. Do you really have to use the word bag? It makes me think you're going to the supermarket.
    Multi-purpose is perfect! Many thanks!

    No, I don't really have to use the word bag!
    But... what is the right one, considering that is a "bag" (!!!) for a woman but big enough (it has to carry also a baby!!!) and therefore not a purse, not made of cloth like a tote?

    Maybe handbag? Being such a complicated bag, is "bag" completely wrong?
    No bag is not completely wrong... Multi purpose tote bag sounds great to me and you can even drop the word bag and in North America it would sound fine. I don't know if Brits use the word tote the same way. What is it made of then? A tote bag, to me, can be in just about any material.
    Another choice is dual purpose. Ok I'll stop with all the choices...:D
    Dual purpose is even better!
    I don't know of what it is made... the project talks only about different materials, stiff or soft (maybe also, you know, rubber, plastic...)

    I've said that tote is made of cloth because WR dictionary says that!!!

    However, "dual purpose bag" is my choice!
    Thanks a lot, above all for the patience!