Bosnian (BCS): Is "li" only used in questions?


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I've seen "li" in sentences that don't look like questions to me. I apologize for my lack of examples; I was going to give some, but forgot to bring the paper with me that has them. So, if I see "li," should I assume that the sentence is, indeed, a question even if it has no question mark and otherwise doesn't seem like one? Or does it play another role? Yes, I have seen the li vs da li thread, but it didn't deal with this issue.

Hvala lijepo!
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    You're right, "li" is doesn't have to mean direct question always. Often it stands instead of "if" or "whether", but has another meanings also. I'll try to give some simple examples:

    Samo li dođeš, čuvaj se!
    If you come, take care!

    Idem da ga tražim ne bih li ga našla.
    I go to look for him so that I could maybe find him.

    Lijep li je!
    How beautiful he is!

    Etc. A serious article about "li" and its functions would require a lot of time and anyway it isn't something one can learn by hear once forever, so I suggest you to gather a small collection of examples and post them here.