Bosnian (BCS): Tips for learning


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Hi everybody,

I french & I wanna learn bosnian but I don't find any commercial method? Does it exist in french?

Moreover, how do you say "I missed you"?

Thanks in advance
  • well, try google...
    there are a view of us who teach people basics of are language (serbo-croatian) on internet... so i believe that you'll find something...

    but if you wanna learn it really well, you should try find somekind of course for that...

    bosnian is very young language (it exist for a long time, but it belonged to serbo-croatian, altough it existed even before that).

    bosnians embellish new words for their language, so it's hard to follow it..


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    Well, i live in Bosnia, and i can say for sure that bosnian is not young language. It is very old, and the theories that says tha bosnia is 'young' country and bosnian is 'young' language were made by the same people (serbs) the invaded our country 1991 and devastated it ( they needed to shatter our origin and history so they could look like good-guys infront of America ) - Bosnian kingdom and language date form X century! (and we do not make new words, it is silly statement. We just revived some 200 years-old words that were abandoned during the Federal Republic of Jugoslavija).Alas, it will be very difficult for you to find a bosnian course, so i would recommend CROATIAN course (not serbian).
    *** "I missed you" = "NEDOSTAJAO SI MI" ( masculine),
    "NEDOSTAJALA SI MI" ( femminine),
    "NEDOSTAJALI STE MI" (masculine plural) or
    "NEDOSTAJALE STE MI" (femminine plural)


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