bosquejo y narración

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  1. Del Arbol Senior Member

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    Mi profesora ha asignado tarea con instrucciones que contienen la frase 'bosquejo y narración.' A mi no tiene sentido.

    Aquí estan las instrucciones completas: "Escribe una propuesta para el proyecto; Bosquejo y narración (2 paginas total)."

    Creo que Bosquejo significa 'outline' ¿pero narración?

    Gracias antemano :)
  2. crises

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    Bosquejo is an art term (sketch), but it also refers to a vague idea of something. I wouldn't use it unless I'd talk about drawing.

    Maybe she's asking the outline and final text of the project, but I'm not sure.
  3. isabel.eim

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    Bosquejo makes reference to outline. About "narración" I think it means the whole writing and analysis of your proposal, the next and final step after the outline. It could be writing.

    I agree with you though. It sounds really weird in Spanish. But I think she was trying to say what I've already explained.
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  4. Del Arbol Senior Member

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    Gracias a los dos.

    Thank you both for your time.

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