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A bosshead or clampholder is a device used in chemistry which basically consists of two screw clamps joined at right (or other) angles. One of the clamps attaches to a vertical rod which is supported on a base. The other clamp is then used to hold whatever you want to hold. You can see a picture here: httpCOLONDOUBLEBACKSLASHcommonsDOTwikimediaDOTorg/wiki/Image:Boss_Head_Right_Angle.jpg

What is the name for this contraption in SPANISH?

HELP! is very much appreciated...
  • Here's a document that says (p.123):

    Nueces para montaje Bossheads for frameworks

    Las nueces modelo tipo P permiten el montaje de dos varillas soporte en ángulo recto...

    P bossheads are used for mounting two stand rods in right angle...

    Hope that helps.
    Muchas gracias a ambos (y cualquier otro por venir). Creo haber oído lo de "nueces" alguna vez...