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Hello everyone!

I know quite a few threads have been posted so far, and yet I need to clarify this because I got a bit confused.
Yesterday I was teaching my students about "both" and " neither". I put the following sentences on the WB:

Both Jenny and I were quite annoyed by his behaviour.


The concerns neither him nor me.

I was asked why in the first sentence we used a subject pronoun (I) and in the second- object ( him and me). The girl meant if it's a rule- and I explained that in the first sentence "me" would be wrong because it can't be used as a subject; and in the "neither" sentence "him" and "me" refers to " This doesn't concern him. This doesn't concern me. This concerns neither him nor me".

The class was over so I couldn't go furher. But I believe "both" and "neither" can both be used with subject and object pronouns depending on the context.

Both he and she were asked to leave.
Their grandmother left the house to both him and her.

Neither Bill nor I knew the answer.
She gave the report to neither him nor me- she gave it to Mark.

All I wanted to ask is: am I correct?

Thank you and sorry fo the long post!
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    Yes, you were correct, in my opinion.

    In your long post you explained your question very clearly, which is helpful. :)
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