Both families are happy about the marriage.

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    How would I say ‘Both families are happy about the marriage.’
    Obě rodiny se těší manželství? Thanks.
  2. thorx89 New Member

    You could say "Obě rodiny se těší z manželství", but that is more like "The marriage has been/is bringing joy to both families", and well, I guess you'd be more likely to use "těšit se z něčeho" if it were affecting you directly, as in "těšit se z pevného zdraví". Manželství is something that only directly affects the husband and wife. They're the ones who are IN it, so they're are the ones to "těšit se Z něj" (Z=out of) if you know what I mean. It's not that it would be wrong—it would just imply a stronger impact of the marriage on both of the families.

    I'd probably translate it as "Obě rodiny jsou s manželstvím (/se sňatkem) spokojené" (=they approve of the marriage and are glad that it happened) OR "Obě rodiny jsou rády, že se vzali" (Both families are glad that they(the husband and bride) got married).
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    Ok, thanks
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    Obě rodiny jsou ze svatby šťastné.
    Obě rodiny mají ze svatby radost.
    Obě rodiny se ze svatby radují.
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