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    This is one of those expressions in Hungarian that always gives me a headache. The few times I try to use it, I can never find an exact translation.

    For instance: "Both of us are going on a trip." Or, "I hope both of you can come for a visit." Or, "We saw both of them walking together."

    How would you express these sentences in Hungarian?
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    Mindketten or Mind a ketten. (Mindkettőnk, mindkettőtök, mindkettejük.)
    For instance, Mindketten elutazunk. - Mindkettőnk elutazik. Or, Remélem, mindkettőtök el tud jönni meglátogatni. - Remélem, mind a ketten el tudtok jönni meglátogatni.
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    Puppancs gave an answer to your examples but here are some grammatical aspects, if they could help.

    is a noun, so it can take the suffixes of the declination other nouns can, as well as can be a subject, an object, etc. in a sentence.
    E.g. I can't choose, both are beautiful. -> Nem tudok választani, mindkettő nagyon szép. (subject = no suffixe) / I'll buy both! -> Megveszem mindkettőt! (object = -t)

    However, there is mindkét as well (still meaning both) that is an adjective, so it is normally followed by a noun.
    E.g. Both boys are tall. -> Mindkét fiú magas.

    N.B. The usual singular is needed after the quantity is declared.

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