Both want to [push through] far-reaching changes


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The quotation comes from

Quotation: HONG KONG — Japan and China do not always see eye to eye on politics. But when it comes to economic policy, Tokyo and Beijing have remarkably similar goals: Both want to push through far-reaching changes in their economies in the face of mounting debt and rapidly graying populations.
Hi everyone! What does "push through" mean here. My dictionary tells me it means:

3. To get a plan, legislative bill, or some other proposal officially accepted, especially quickly: [from]

But I'm afraid it just means "to make". I cannot decide. :confused:
  • Thomas Tompion

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    Hello Irelia,

    'Make' would leave out the implication that these two governments are in a position to effect legislative alterations, as suggested by 'push through'. I think your dictionary has got it right here.

    suzi br

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    There is the implication of effort required with "push through" and maybe to do something in a speedy way.
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