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I don't get that line, in a 1944's american film !

Husband to wife :
"- That's a very un-american attitude.
- Oh, is that so? All right. So I'm a bottle-neck. Expose me. Write a letter to Winchell!"

There are so many references, I don't get through!!!

May someone has an explanation?
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  • arundhati

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    Le sens que je connais de bottle-neck (goulot de bouteille) est un cylindre de metal dont se servent les guitaristes (de blues essentiellement)... De là à dire qu'il y a un rapport !


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    Exactement... Je n'arrive pas à trouver d'autre sens à Bottleneck...
    Winchell est le journaliste qui a inventé les gossip column...


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    Est-ce qu'il n'y a pas l'idée de goulot d'étranglement? "C'est moi qui bloque tout? Dites à W. que tout est de ma faute, allez-y."


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    Yes in the UK I only know bottle-neck as being an obstacle to traffic causing a traffic jam. Even the neck of a bottle is refferred to as 'neck of a bottle'
    I am UK english and the line quoted from the film makes no sense to me.


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    Bottle-neck = goulot d'étranglement it is the slowest step of a process that slow down all the rest.

    So here the guy suggests that he slowing and disturbing what ever they are trying to achieve