bottom flow

gladine b.

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Can I use this phrase bottom flow in a song, or will it be really too weird ?

Mary's alive, she sways in the salt streams,
shifted by the bottom flow, running and dragging her

I was already adviced to use undertow, or undercurrent instead, but I'd prefer to use bottom flow for sound reasons, and it's in a poetic context.

Thanks in advance.

(do not hesitate to correct me)
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    Poets often use phrases outside of normal usage, which is the case here. Whether it's too weird depends on the reader.

    By the way, it's "advised." "Advice" is a noun.


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    I'm sorry, gladine, I really don't like bottom flow very much.

    Teenagers are all too likely to jokingly associate it with :eek:diarrhoea...

    I'd use undertow.
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    "Undertow" seems to fit so nicely. "Bottom flow" sounds odd to me. Can you use it? Absolutely. When it comes to lyrics most language "rules" are suspended. :)

    As a singer, I would rather sing "undertow" than "bottom flow" because of the consonants involved. "tt" and "fl" are both unvoiced combinations. In "undertow" there is only one unvoiced consonant.