bottom left? left bottom???

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  1. kinagm21 Member

    Swansea (Wales)
    España: español
    Hi everyone!
    I would like to know how you would refer to a picture when is in a page with more pictures...
    For example, could I say "the picture on the bottom right"..or "the image on the left top"??? I guess I should say first "bottom and top" and then "right or left", should`t I?
    By the way, what is the right preposition "on" or "in"?. The picture on the center left? And so on...
    Thank u very much!!!
    I hope this question isn`t very confusing!
    Please help me! I need to pass an English exam and this is a really useful issue!
  2. teachermadrid Member

    We would say 'see bottom left/right'
    There is no need for a preposition
  3. kinagm21 Member

    Swansea (Wales)
    España: español
    Thank you for your quick reply...but I dont get it...
    Could I say it as following? "The bottom left picture is more representative cos..." or "the picture on the bottom left is more representative...".
    Thank you!!
    I know, I`m a pain in the neck!
  4. teachermadrid Member

    OK in that case you should say 'the picture on the bottom left'
    It is 'bottom left' with no preposition if you put it in brackets within an article to refer to a picture. But in a complete sentence such as the example that you give then it is much better to say 'the picture on the bottom left'
  5. kinagm21 Member

    Swansea (Wales)
    España: español
    oh yeah!-...That`s very clarifying
    you are a good teacher! I owe you a pint!
    Thank you very much!
  6. Andréstable Banned

    ¿cómo se dice en español?

    bottom left, upper right, etc? (4 en total)

  7. Juanramon Senior Member

    Alicante, España
    Spain, Spanish
    Bottom left = abajo, a la izquierda
    Bottom right = abajo, a la derecha
    Upper left = arriba, a la izquierda
    Upper right = arriba, a la derecha


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