bottoms of plastic and rubber


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Here is a sentence from my document at university:
"This order (RR-2004-008) covering certain waterprooffootwear and bottoms ofplastic or rubber will remain in effect until December 6, 2011".
I don't know what they meant by saying " Bottoms of plastic or rubber" PURSUANT to "in effect" here @@
Please assist me with this problem.
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    Without seeing this order (RR-2004-008), I can only guess it means trousers/pants made of rubber or plastic.

    The order is no longer in force, so you can safely ignore it anyway. :)


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    ... or it might mean the soles or lower parts of shoes.

    SMAC has filed several footwear complaints in the past on behalf of Canadian footwear producers. There is currently one Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) order in place respecting waterproof footwear [...]. This order (RR-2004-008) covering certain waterproof footwear and bottoms of plastic or rubber will remain in effect until December 6, 2010.

    The goods involved include:
    waterproof footwear made of waterproof footwear bottoms combined with tops made of textiles or other materials.
    ARCHIVED - SIMA - Statement of Reasons - Certain waterproof footwear
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