Bouger plus vite tout en restant précis

Michel fourru

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French - France
Dear all,
I'm currently writing a scientific paper.
I'd like to know if my title sounds correct :
"Moving faster while preserving accuracy"
In French it would be: "Bouger plus vite tout en restant précis".

Thank you,
  • Kelly B

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    Bienvenue, Michel fourru,
    What is the subject of the paper? what is it that is moving faster?

    Michel fourru

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    French - France
    The paper is about human movements ! The subject of the paper is how to get movements faster without being less accurate.


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    It sounds an awful lot like more haste, less speed...but I hesitate since you say it's a scientific paper.

    Transliterating, perhaps Moving more quickly whilst remaining accurate, but you would need perhaps to confirm the register, along with the other details Kelly B has asked you for.
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