bought a website and some gas money

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Griffith’s support hovered around 4 percent, or roughly the error margin in the polls showing Bilbray and Busby as tied. Griffith spent $2000 of his own money on his campaign.267 That bought a website and some gas money. --from<Gaming the Vote:Why Elections Aren’t Fair> By William Poundstone
What does the 'some gas money' means here? many thanks.
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    Gas money is money to pay for gas, presumably the gas he uses when he drives around for his political campaign.

    The sentence is not well constructed and that may be why you are confused. $2000 bought a website makes sense. But $2000 bought some gas money doesn't. You don't "buy" money. It should be
    That [=$2000] bought a website and some gas.
    That [=$2000] bought a website and provided some gas money.
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