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I have no idea whether in or from should be used in the following sentence. Beside, I find the sentence is kind of awkward, but I don't know what is the idiomatic way of expession. Would you please guide me? Thank you!

Eg: The laptop was bought in/from Germany by my auntie.
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    Yes, it's idiomatic, but do you have a particular reason for using the passive voice rather than the active?
    Actually I have another part of the sentence that hasn't put earlier. Here is the complete sentence:

    Eg: My favorite digital product is a laptop, which was bought in Germany by my auntie as a gift.

    So does the complete sentence sound better to use a passive voice, at it stands? I'd appreciate your comments!

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    I would use the active voice "My auntie bought the laptop in Germany" because it is shorter - unless there was a reason to use the passive voice. In certain contexts the passive voice might be better. What is the context here? Why are you talking about this laptop, and to whom?


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    I would probably say: My favorite digital product is a laptop which my aunt bought as a gift for me in Germany.


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    If the aunt was in Germany when she bought (purchased) it, and then came to visit you in China, with the laptop in her luggage, should you not be saying "brought" instead of "bought"? If so, from would be better.
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