Bounder y pledge drive

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  1. estemar22 New Member

    Spain, Spanish

    Estoy intentando traducir unas sinopsis de Seinfeld, y me está costando pillar los significados de muchas palabras. ¿Qué quieren decir estas frases?

    He turns out to be a real bounder
    Jerry´s working a PBS pledge drive

    Muchas gracias!
  2. Jose Maria Senior Member

    I live in a place in the high sky called moon. lol
    Granada (España) //// English (GB)
    Para bounder he encontrado esto en el diccionario, se ve que es una palabra informal.
    1. Bounder
    One who doesn't know his place. One whose ambition leads him to step out of line or exceed his proper social standing.
    That George W. Bush is such a bounder!

    1. pledgelink send redefine [​IMG] [​IMG] 10 thumbs upthe initiation process when one joins a frat or sorority. Sometimes it involves hazing.
    Im gonna pledge at Alpha Kappa Alpha.
    Source: valoem, Feb 7, 2005

    2. pledgelink send redefine [​IMG] [​IMG] 3 up, 5 down1)the process of being a complete and utter bitch and receiver of countless anal rapings.

    2)a cocksucker
    1)when Mike's mom asked him why he was walking funny, she realized that nothing needed to be said since he was in fact a pledge.

    2)I cant tell if Hugh Grant is a pledge or just British.
    Source: John Shafer, Apr 14, 2004
  3. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    bounder...a man who fails to behave like a gentleman (used humourously).
    Sorry, I don't understand the second sentence so I can't help you.

    Espero que ayude,
  4. cubaMania Senior Member

    A bounder is, as Masood wrote, a man who behaves badly, not like a gentleman. We also call a bounder a "cad."

    PBS pledge drive: PBS = Public Broadcasting System which is our public (educational) television (and radio) system in USA. Most PBS stations have at least one or two pledge drives a year, often more. They are fund-raising campaigns during which they solicit donations from the public to help fund their programming. They usually have volunteers doing a lot of the work during the pledge drive--answering the phones, receiving and recording the pledges (promises to contribute some dollar amount) and so on. So Jerry would be volunteering during one of these fund-raising campaigns.
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    Spain, Spanish
    Muchas gracias a todos!

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