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Does "bounty on exportation" mean a tariff on products which are exported or just a constraint on the total amount of them?
The general meaning of "bounty" doesn't fit in the context (i.e. a text of classical political economy which talks about Corn Laws in Great Britain).

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  • Aiuola

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    According to my dictionary:

    bounty on exports = premio per l'esportazione

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for your answer,
    That means exactly the opposite of what I thought, and now that I read the passages it seems to fit.
    Is there anyone else who can confirm it please?


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    Hi italian economist,

    Here is this meaning of 'bounty' (from the Oxford English Dictionary) :
    bounty ... c. A sum of money paid to merchants or manufacturers for the encouragement of some particular branch of industry.
    which the OED supports with this citation, taken from Adam Smith's 'Wealth of Nations' (1776) : In 1688 was granted the Parliamentary bounty upon the exportation of corn. - it seems particularly relevant to your context :).

    I believe this meaning is consistent with the translation already offered by Aiuola.


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    Economic "bounties" are inducements or encouragements to export as indicated. In the US they can be tax benefits (typical), or some other form of reward.