bourgeois chic

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What is the meaning of bourgeois chic?

Paris has historically been the global epicentre of a certain type of bourgeois chic – and arguably it still is. Its haute couture, technically brilliant ateliers and incredible roster of ready-to-wear labels dictate what will fill our wardrobes season after season – more so than New York, London or Milan.

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    "Bourgeois chic" is a mode of "chic-ness" that is associated with the bourgeois. Here are the relevant dictionary definitions:
    chic /ʃiːk; ʃɪk/adj
    • (esp of fashionable clothes, women, etc) stylish or elegant
    • stylishness, esp in dress; modishness; fashionable good taste
    bourgeois /ˈbʊəʒwɑː; bʊəˈʒwɑː/ often derogatoryadj
    • characteristic of, relating to, or comprising the middle class
    • conservative or materialistic in outlook: a bourgeois mentality
    • (in Marxist thought) dominated by capitalists or capitalist interests
    Do you have any specific problems with these words or their definitions?
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