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    What about the definition 1 here?

    [count] 1 : a period of time during which someone suffers from something (such as an illness or disease) — often + of ▪ a bout of fever ▪ She struggles with frequent bouts of depression. — often + with in U.S. English ▪ She survived a 5-year bout with cancer. ▪ a bout with the flu
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    Yes, you have found the right definition.

    (Thank you Beryl, for actually providing it, rather than just a link:))

    There is no fixed "time" for a bout in this sense.


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    The original sentence talks about his bout with cancer, not his bout of cancer. In this sense of 'bout', there is no length of time implied. He's simply talking about the battle he had with cancer.

    It's perhaps confusing because, as others have said, 'bout' can also mean the period (of unspecified length) during which he had cancer.
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