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Dépêche Mod (AL mod)
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French (lower Normandy)
bouton nm(excroissance cutanée)spot n
(slang, acne)zit n
(acne)pimple n
(caused by insect)bite n
J'ai mangé trop gras, et j'ai plein de boutons sur le visage. Ce bouton de moustique me démange.
I've been eating too much fatty food and I've got a load of spots on my face.
This mosquito bite is really itchy.

Apparently, "spot" with this Sense is UK only?
spot nUK, often plural (pimple, zit: facial blemish) (sur le visage)bouton nm
The teenager bought a special face wash to treat his spots.
L'adolescent a acheté une lotion spéciale pour le visage pour traiter ses boutons.

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In the UK, spot also can refer to a kind of acne; in the US we say pimple or zit.
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