1. Loupsy Senior Member

    Canadian French
    "In the bow of the river, the army is engaged in a fierce battle."

    Est-ce qu'on dirait "dans le coude de la rivière"? "dans la courbe?

    Merci d'avance.
  2. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges, Fr.
    British English
    Méandre ?
  3. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

    French - France, ♀
    in the bow : au creux du méandre ?
  4. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    i have never heard this term used like this before, and it sounds like a poetic version of bend—le coude.

    The historical context doesn’t usually call for poetic writing, however.
  5. Esperluète

    Esperluète Senior Member

    England & France
    French - France
    Bow = bend here (le coude d’un cours d’eau) but it’s rare. An oxbow lake (and even "oxbow river") is much more common of course, but means something else although not that different I suppose as it’s started as a bend in a river (oxbow lake: a curved lake that was originally a bend in a river but became separated when the river took a new, straighter course).
  6. Loupsy Senior Member

    Canadian French
    Merci pour ces infos. Je vais écrire "coude", alors.
  7. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    Personnellement je dirais plutôt "courbe" . Un coude c'est un changement de direction plus accentué qu'une courbe.

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