Bow room

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Hello everybody!

I need help to translate "Bow Room" in the following sentence:

Guests can relax in the pretty gardens, or in the Bow Room with its impressive art collection.

My try:
Vous pourrez vous détendre dans les ravissants jardins ou dans la salle arrondie présentant une impressionnante collection d'art.

Thanks in advance :)
  • Gloria Ming

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    English - UK
    It's difficult to say without more context as it could mean a number of things, but I doubt that it is salle arrondie. Could it be called the Bow Room because there is a bow window in it? I think I would be inclined not to translate it but to give a brief explanation in brackets.

    Edit: And welcome to the forum!:)
    Surely if it's in capitals (Bow Room) then it's the specific name given to that room and doesn't need to be translated? Obviously I don't know the context, but if for example the room had been named after a "Mr Bow" then if to translate it would give it a completely different meaning.
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