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  1. Mikry New Member

    It's a bit strange but I've been really struggling to find a reliable translation for bowl(as in the thing you eat your cereal from) in Dutch...could anyone help? :)

    Alvast bedankt!
  2. AllegroModerato Senior Member

    Dutch (Netherlands)
    The word is kom.
  3. NewtonCircus Senior Member

    Dutch (Belgium)
    Dag Mikry,

    Dutch differentiates between bowl styles. The shallow "Western” type of bowl, which usually comes with a wide rim, is generally called soepbord (lit. soup plate) or diep bord (deep plate). The roundish/taller models commonly used in Asia and Southern-Europe are, like AllegroModerato already mentioned, called kom.

  4. AllegroModerato Senior Member

    Dutch (Netherlands)
    But those are two different things, wouldn´t you agree? There are bowls/kommen and soup plates/soepborden. I think the distinction is pretty unambiguous. In any case, soepborden are not commonly used for cereals. (Or are we going to quarrel about breakfast habits now? :))
  5. NewtonCircus Senior Member

    Dutch (Belgium)
    Dag AllegroModerato,
    Yes they are, but if I am not mistaken both are called bowls in English.

    I am afraid so. I hardly eat cereals, but I use soepborden for porridge while most people, I think, use een kom for this :).

    Groetjes Herman

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