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    Hello Abijah and welcome to the forums :)

    Mdb is right. The building is simply called:
    "un bowling" in French from France ("salle de quilles" sound funny to my French from France (that's a bit wordy now :rolleyes:) ears :D)

    Abijah, could you please explain what you meant exactly?
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    Keith Bradford

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    Not round here, where we have one bowling and a hundred allées de boules. In fact, Abijah, you need to know what game you're referring to. Is it the modern mechanised 9-pin type (un bowling), the older game of skittles (salle de quilles) or the outdoor game similar to pétanque (allée de boules) ?


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    On ne dirait pas ici non plus 'on va à la salle de quilles' plutôt 'on va jouer aux quilles' (comme on ne dirait pas en anglais 'we're going to the bowling alley' mais 'we're going bowling').
    Mais la question était bien comment dire 'bowling alley'.
    (PS We play with 10 pins, not nine.)
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