"bowser" and "scull" in New Zealand English


I was watching a New Zealand programme called "Predict My Future - The Science Of Us" and a New Zealeander in the show said the following sentence:
"I helped myself to the bowsers and just was sculling under the taps and ended up having an altercation with the barman."

I checked on wikitionary that "bowser" and "scull" means "A fuel metering/delivery pump at a filling station" and "drink" respectively. But it seems to be that "bowser" here refers to a bar (or some facilities in it) rather than a filling station, because there is the presence of a barman, and that guy seems to mean that he was drinking from something like a beer tap, but I am not sure. Do New Zealanders refer a bar/pub as a "bowser"? Or does "sculling" have another meaning here?
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