Boyfriend (a friend or a fianceé, always?)

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    Hi everyone
    I am translating a cartoon and one of the characters says:
    "Lola has new boyfriend now and is all wash-up with you".
    The character is Russian and he doesn't speak English very well.

    My question is, boyfriend here is novio o amigo? This cartoon is for children from 6-13, so I'd say amigo, but I'd like to know if sometimes the word boyfriend means amigo, as girlfriend can be "amiga",depending on the context, or if boyfriend means always fiancée.
  2. CleKy Senior Member


    No sé muy bien si puede significar amigo, pero tal vez sea boy friend separado cuando signifique eso, mientras que boyfriend junto es novio
    Esa es mi opinión, pero repito que no estoy muy segura =S
  3. Mini Spt New Member

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    Gracias, CleKy
    Puede ser que sea lo que tú dices; a ver si hay suerte y contesta algún nativo y nos saca de dudas.
    Gracias de nuevo
  4. Translationer

    Translationer Member

    Cleky tiene razón.
    Además analiza el contexto del capítulo, así estarás seguro(a) de si se trata de una amistad o noviazgo.
  5. Mini Spt New Member

    Madrid (Spain)
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    Hola Translationer,
    El problema es que no tengo más contexto, lo único que dicen es eso.
  6. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    Boyfriend doesn't necessarily mean fiancée, but it does always have romantic connotations. It is not the same as a male friend.

    As a woman, I can have girlfriends without implying anything romantic, but if I have a boyfriend, he is understood to be "more than a friend".

    Apart from that, the last half of the original sentence doesn't really make sense. I suppose it means Lola is finished with you?
  7. kw10 Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Agreed. Boyfriend is always a romantic relationship. The translation can vary, depending on what country you're in - in Spain, for example, boyfriend is novio. In Chile, however, boyfriend is pololo and fiancee is novio. And so on.
  8. spodulike

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    My interpretation

    Lola has a new romance and her romance with you is finished. (Not colloquial)

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