Boyfriend and girlfriend with stress in the last syllable

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  1. pcplus Senior Member

    if I say: Maria and her boyfriend (boy'friend)

    or Rose and her girlfriend (girl'friend)

    with that kind of stress, could it be meaning "just friends" ??
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

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    Maria and her boyfriend connotes an amorous relationship. Rose and her girlfriend does not necessarily connote the same thing. Both are stressed on the first syllable. Pausing to stress the second syllable does not necessarily change the connotation; it may sound a little strange. To avoid the connotation it is better to say Maria and her friend John.
  3. spodulike

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    For a boy (heterosexual) you should not say "James and his boyfriend" because this implies homosexuality. It it OK if James actually is homosexual. However, for some reason, the same prohibition does not exist in Britain for girls.


    "John has a girlfriend and lots of male friends"

    "Sue has a boyfriend and lots of (girlfriends) (female friends)

    "Sue has a boyfriend and lots of male and female friends as well"

    "Sue has a boyfriend and lots of friends of both sexes as well" ... Sue has a boyfriend and lots of friends either sex as well"

    "Michael has a girlfriend and lots of female friends"
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  4. fenixpollo

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    I agree with Idiomatico and spodulike that "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are always pronounced with the stress on the first syllable; changing the pronunciation does not change the meaning of the words.
  5. gurseal Senior Member

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    I have heard females emphasize friend when using girlfriend among themselves. I wouldn't know whether to write the term as one word or two though. The use is platonic. (USA)

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