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    Can "novio/novia" be used for a serious relationship (sexually active) even though the couple are not betrothed?

    Can you call your boyfriend "mi novio" regardless of whether you are in a sexual relationship with him or not? Or if you're just dating and not close enough to be having sex, should you refer to each other as "amigos" rather than "novios"?
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    I would use "novio" but I'm not a native.
    But I think this thread Boyfriend and girlfriend will answer your question :)
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    Yes, you can. It's enough to be in a love relationship.
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    Hola MotoMama

    Aquí en Perú se decimos 'novio' cuando la relación es formal y ambos están comprometidos para casarse; por otro lado se dice 'enamorado' cuando no hay compromiso de por medio. Pero por no decimos 'amigo' cuando hay intimidad sexual.
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