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  1. panjabigator

    panjabigator Senior Member

    غریب الوطن
    Am. English
    I can think of a million words for lover, darling, etc in my languages, but not one for girlfriend or boyfriend....perhaps because the concept is foreign to my culture. What are the words for it in your languages, and is dating ok for you guys? Now a days everything is westernizing but I always assumed that there are still some traditional countries where people really dont date.
  2. ronanpoirier

    ronanpoirier Senior Member

    Porto Alegre
    Brazil - Portuguese
    Namorado -> Boyfriend
    Namorada -> Girlfriend

    Amoureux -> Boyfriend
    Amoureuse -> Girlfriend

    Dating is absolutely ok to me. Here in Brazil some people go to parties and kisser over 10 people and they just don't care. However, I'm not like that (thanks God!).
  3. panjabigator

    panjabigator Senior Member

    غریب الوطن
    Am. English
    I'd call those people whores! Just kidding!

    They do not say novio y novia in Portuguese?
  4. ronanpoirier

    ronanpoirier Senior Member

    Porto Alegre
    Brazil - Portuguese
    I think that's Spanish.

    Noivo/Noiva are bridegroom and bride in Portuguese.

    Yeah. Some of them I'd call whores! :p
  5. lay-z

    lay-z Senior Member

    Chile, español
    well here in Chile we say "pololo" and "polola", boyfriend and girlfriend respectively.
    and also we use the word "pololear" as a verb... and i am proud to say that llevo 6 años pololeando jajaja...
  6. Confused Linguist Senior Member

    English & Bengali

    chhele-bondhu (boyfriend)

    meye-bondhu (girlfriend)

    These words can also mean a friend of the opposite sex.
  7. Becker Member

    In Sinhalese,

    boyfriend = pemvataa
    girlfriend = pemvati

    Also used in the context of "lover." Dating happens in school (frowned upon by the older generation) and at university (accepted by the older generation).

    Confused linguist, does bondhu = friend in Bengali? In Sinhalese bandu = friend.
  8. Confused Linguist Senior Member

    English & Bengali
    Yes, you're right, 'bondhu' means friend in Bengali.

    'Prem' (pem) means love. I didn't know that Bengali had so much in common with Sinhalese. :)
  9. Fernita

    Fernita Senior Member

    Buenos Aires-Argentina
    castellano de Argentina.
    In Argentina:

    boyfriend: novio
    girlfriend: novia
  10. Dalian

    Dalian Senior Member

    Shanghai, China

    boyfriend: 男朋友 (nan peng you)
    girlfriend: 女朋友 (nü peng you)
  11. robbie_SWE

    robbie_SWE Senior Member

    Trilingual: Swedish, Romanian & English
    pojkvän = boyfriend
    flickvän = girlfriend

    prietenul meu/iubitul meu/amicul meu = boyfriend
    prietena mea/iubita mea/ amica mea = flickvän

    It's totally acceptable to date here in Sweden and in Romania (here in Sweden it's almost an obligation, but I don't mind :D ), both for girls and boys.

    :) robbie
  12. Etcetera

    Etcetera Senior Member

    St Petersburg, Russia
    Russian, Russia (St Petersburg)
    In Russian, there's the word бойфренд which is a transliteration of the English 'boyfriend'. But it's rather informal, you shouldn't use it in written language. Mass media do use it, though.
    In written language, возлюбленный/возлюбленная might be more appropriate, but they sound very old-fashioned.
  13. Xerinola

    Xerinola Senior Member

    Català/Español, Barcelona (SPAIN)
    Hi everybody!

    Español: Novio(boyfriend) - Novia(girlfriend)
    Català: Xicot (boyfriend) - Xicota(girlfriend)

  14. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    In German, it's really difficult. You could say

    fester Freund (boyfriend)
    feste Freundin (girlfriend)

    ... but if a girl says "Das ist mein Freund" (this is my friend), she's referring to her boyfriend. The same works vice versa.
  15. MingRaymond Senior Member

    HK Cantonese
    So, how to say 'this is my friend' in German if that guy is not her boyfriend, only her friend? :)

  16. Etcetera

    Etcetera Senior Member

    St Petersburg, Russia
    Russian, Russia (St Petersburg)
    By the way, the same thing occurs in Russian. If a girl says "Он мой друг" (He's my friend - masculine), it is normally understood as that they're in love with each other. But in fact, it may not be so :)
  17. Dobean Member

    Gallarate - Italy
    Italian - Italy
    in italian there are a lots of words that can be meaning boyfriend or girlfriend...
    boyfriend: fidanzato, moroso, tipo/ragazzo ("il mio ragazzo/tipo" <- my boy)...
    girlfriend: fidanzata, morosa, tipa/ragazza
  18. Cereth

    Cereth Senior Member

    language of love
    in japanese:

    girlfriend: Kanojyo
    both words mean they really love each other
    this could be the words, but japanese is so difficult in this matter, they don´t have words for: lover or "mistress" for example.....

    for japanese people lover is the same than boyfriend/girlfriend....
    i just had a looooong coversation about this matter with my japanese friend. I´m so suprised about the things he told me...eastern and western cultures are so different about this matter.
  19. karuna

    karuna Senior Member

    The planet Earth
    Latvian, Latvia
    As for dating Latvia is the same as other western countries or even more relaxed. But Latvian also don't have separate words for boyfriend/girlfriend. The words draugs/draudzene simply mean male/female friend. But usually it does not create any misunderstanding because things can be inferred from the context or other words as lover, bride etc., can be used depending on the situation.
  20. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    I know it is quite difficult to grasp, but we have to say "this is a friend" or "this is a friend of mine":

    Das ist ein Freund.
    Das ist eine Freundin.

    Das ist ein Freund von mir.
    Das ist eine Freundin von mir.

    Or to show "deeper" friendship, you can add "good":

    Das ist ein guter Freund.
    Das ist eine gute Freundin.
  21. Maja

    Maja Senior Member

    Binghamton, NY
    Serbian, Serbia
    In Serbian:

    Boyfriend - dečko/momak (дечко/момак)
    Girlfriend - devojka (девојка)
  22. ukuca

    ukuca Senior Member

    Istanbul - Turkey
    Turkish - Turkey
    In Turkish:
    boyfriend = erkek arkadaş
    girl friend = kız arkadaş
    and we say "sevgili" (lover) for both.
  23. panjabigator

    panjabigator Senior Member

    غریب الوطن
    Am. English
    When you type German sentenses like that, it almost makes German look like a piece of cake to learn! I'll assume I'm wrong and shut my mouth!
  24. MingRaymond Senior Member

    HK Cantonese
    Thank you. :)
  25. skatoulitsa

    skatoulitsa Senior Member

    Greek, Greece
    I've always been frustrated about this topic in greek too. A rather childish way you could refer to it would be:
    το αγόρι μου = my boy
    το κορίτσι μου = my girl

    but you will probably never hear these after elementary school any more.

    We also have a quite rude way of refering to boyfriend/girlfriends, but you would never use these to introduce someone, and it would also be rather rude to refer to your own boyfriend/girlfriend this way. These are:
    γκόμενος --> boyfriend
    γκόμενα --> girlfriend

    Generally using the above is sort of diminishing, as if refering to the relationship as something insignificant/temporary/just physical.

    In everyday life, the ones you would probably hear would be:
    η κοπέλα μου = my girl
    ο φίλος μου = my friend

    Although the word "κοπέλα" doesn't only possess the "girlfriend" meaning, and means girl in general without the possessive adjective "μου", I do like it as a word to say "girlfriend".
    Us girls however are unfortunately stuck with "friend". I hate it...
  26. claramolin Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Español - Argentina

    Boyfriend: novio
    Girlfriend: novia


    Boyfriend: le petit ami
    Girlfriend: la petite amie
  27. misdirection New Member

    In Filipino, we use (due to spanish influence):

    boyfriend: nobyo
    girlfriend: nobya

    but the Tagalog (dialect where the Filipino language was based) translation is:

    boyfriend/girlfriend: kasintahan

    However, in daily conversations, the words "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are used.
  28. Tisia Senior Member

    Iran, Persian, Kurdish, English, Finnish
    - boyfriend: دوست پسر (dustpesar)
    - girlfriend: دوست دختر (dustdokhtar)

    - boyfriend: poikaystävä
    - girlfriend: tyttöystävä

  29. Aleco Senior Member

    Råde, Norway
    - Kjæreste (both)
    We have two words though: Venninne & venn.
    Venninne = a friend, which is a girl & venn = a friend which is a boy...
  30. big-melon Member

    China, Chinese
    in Chinese:

    男朋友: boyfriend
    女朋友: girlfriend
  31. kage New Member

    Danish, Denmark
    very much like norwegian: kæreste (both genders) :)

  32. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    To me dating was always ok, is it not so in your opinion? This is a normal way to spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Hanging out with your partner you can enjoy and get to know each other better. I didn;t know this was a typically western custom, I've always thought that people meet each other everywhere, in which countries don't people go out on dates with each other? And, if people (I mean boyfriend and girlfriend) in certain countries/societies don't date how do they spend time together or get to know one another?

    boyfriend-chłopak (mostly used); facet
    girlfriend-dziewczyna (mostly used); kobieta, laska

    Don't Feench use for boyfriend/girlfriend (petit) ami (petite) amie, respectively? IMHO, amoreux/amoreuse mean male/female lover, don't they? :)

  33. Insider Senior Member

    Ukraine (Ukrainian)
    Well, in Ukrainian we don't have special word as in English. In this years it became popular to transliterate English "boyfriend" ---> бойфренд and the same with "girlfriend" ---> герлфренд but, as usual, we use just "a guy" ---> хлопець or "a girl" ---> дівчина, adding personal pronounce "my".

    Вона моя дівчина. (She's my girlfriend.)
    Він мій хлопець. (He's my boyfriend.)
  34. Insider Senior Member

    Ukraine (Ukrainian)

    I believe that nowadays it's almost impossible to hear someone in Russian people, using возлюбленный/возлюбленная. Well, it was absolutely normal to use in times of Tolstoy or Chehov, but not in Sorokin's or Pelevin's years. :) Maybe, my opinion isn't correct.

  35. claudine2006

    claudine2006 Senior Member

    Andalucía Spain
    Italy Italian
    In Italian it's just ragazzo/ragazza.

    You can also say fidanzato/fidanzata but it's for the person you're going to marry.

    "Moroso" it's a localism used just in the North of Italy. The same for "tipo/tipa": it doesn't sound very polite to me.

    In Spanish it's novio/novia (if you're going to get married), better mi chico/ mi chica.
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  36. 地獄の森_jigoku_no_mori

    地獄の森_jigoku_no_mori Member

    Canadian English :)(Also French)
    @ Cereth and anyone who has interest:

    Most of the time in Japanese, Kanojo - 彼女(literally meaning she) and Kare - 彼(literally meaning he) will suffice as girlfriend and boyfriend, respectively. You can tell wether they mean, he or boyfriend by the context, ie. "Kare ga imasu ka?" - "彼がいますか?", meaning, "Do you have a boyfriend?" While Kareshi - 彼氏, comes up as boyfriend in my dictionary, I've never heard it used before. On the other hand, if you'd rather not use kanji and just use katakana, bo-ifurendo - ボーイフレンド and ga-rufurendo - ガールフレンド can also be used.

    I hope this is informative :)
  37. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Or fiancé.
  38. optimistique Senior Member

    It works about the same way in Dutch as in German (also with the 'a friend of'' -thing for 'just friends':dat is een vriend van me= that's a friend of mine ), and it's really confusing:

    boyfriend= vriend
    girlfriend= vriendin

    These are thus respectively the same words for 'friend' and '(female) friend'.
    For boyfriend of teenagers you can also use the diminutive: vriendje (= little friend). But this is used as just a friend among little children (to raise the confusion some more).

    There is confusion sometimes among Dutch people too (especially in communication between older people and younger), but the general thought behind it is that you have more than just one friend (or else you have to linguistically pretend you have), but only one boy-, girlfriend.
  39. Cereth

    Cereth Senior Member

    language of love
    Quite informative "forest of hell" thank you! and now the problem comes when you try to make the difference between lover and kare/kanojyo japanese friends think is the same thing!!
    As a latin girl i consider those words way different!
  40. 地獄の森_jigoku_no_mori

    地獄の森_jigoku_no_mori Member

    Canadian English :)(Also French)
    Well, from what I've learned the Japanese are quite shy about their emotions, so if there was a real word for "lover" it would be so rarely used.
  41. Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos Senior Member

    This is an interesting Persian, the word rafíq is used for both friend AND boyfriend/girlfriend....It's because people don't really "date" in Afghanistan (due to religious and cultural beliefs).

    It's a little confusing sometimes to associate who's doing what when using this Persian word. :)

  42. tori New Member

    เเฟน in Thai, pronounced 'fan' means both boyfriend and girlfriend
  43. aurette

    aurette Senior Member

    Romanian Romania - Transylvania
    -i would simply add that in Romania there is a confusion between friend and boyfriend because we use the same word: prieten/a.
    -iubit/a clearly means lover
    -amic/a is definitely friend, nothing more

    wouldn't you agree, robbie?
  44. happyonend New Member

    男朋友 (nan pon you)= boyfriend
    女朋友 (nyu pon you)= girlfriend
    恋人 (lyan ren)=either of above
  45. richardus Banned

    Mexico city
    Mexico spanish
    In korean:

    여자 친구 -->Girlfriend
    남자 친구 --> Boyfriend
    애인 --> boyfriend/girlfried

    약혼녀 --> Fiancée
    약혼자 --> Fiancé

    It's quite interesting that in korean and chinese, those words are quite similar, for example,

    애인 is written as 愛人 --> Loved person
    여자 친구 女子 友 -->Female friend
    남자 친구 男子 友 -->Male friend
  46. MonsieurAquilone Senior Member

    NZ - English
    Often in France you will hear:

    Boyfriend : Copain
    Girlfriend : Copine
  47. *Gaia* Member

    Italy Italian
    In Japanese you can also say 恋人 "koibito" that it's ok both for men and women; then, 婚約者 "konyakusha" that indicates the official fiancee, the one you're going to marry :)
  48. MarX Banned

    Indonesian, Indonesia

    In Indonesian we say pacar (Indonesian doesn't have grammatical genders).

    One may also say cèwèk (girl) or cowok (guy). In both words, the final -k represents a glottal stop.


  49. blue_jewel

    blue_jewel Senior Member

    In Tagalog: Boyfriend: Nobyo
    Girlfriend: Nobya

  50. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    In Hungarian we have no specific word like English have.

    boyfriend = barátja [friend], szeretője [lover], fiúja [boy]
    girlfriend = barátnője [female friend], szeretője, csaja [slang: chick]

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