brûler son existence

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  1. Pinz New Member

    How does that translate into English?
    This occurs in a text about Godard's film "Band of Outsiders", and more specifically to characterize the three young characters, who are fiery, passionate, but also reckless (they rob a bank etc).

    "Ces trois jeunes gens qui brûlent leur existence et que la vie consume..."

    This reminds me of "brûler la vie par les deux bouts", which I can't seem to find a translation for either.

  2. pina colada Member

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    British English
    "brûler la vie par les deux bouts" is "burning the candle at both ends";
    the Godard quote I'd need to think about...
  3. Pinz New Member

    OK thanks. Maybe then could we say
    these three young people who are burning the candle at both ends and who are consumed by life...
    How does that sound?
    The quote is not technically Godard's, just a comment on one of his films.
  4. giannid

    giannid Senior Member

    USA English
    living on the edge?
  5. pina colada Member

    San Francisco Bay Area
    British English
    'Living on the edge' definitely fits better than 'burning the candle at both ends' in this context.
  6. Pinz New Member

    Yes, "living on the edge" is great.
    Now what about "que la vie consume", any suggestions?
    Consumed by life?

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