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    What is a bracket pool? The sixth definition of 'bracket' given here at bracket seems to be relevant but I am still not sure what the term means. Many thanks for your help.
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    Yes, that would seem to be the right meaning.
    I'm guessing it's a game where players guess the scores (college basketball).
    In view of the very large number of teams, a bracket might mean a limited number of teams defined by some criteria.
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    A pool here is simply a type of competition where a large number of people choose athletes or teams, and are awarded points based on the sporting performance of their choices.
    A bracket pool is a pool where the choices are contestants in a knockout competition, since the charts for such competitions resemble brackets. The idea is to choose the winner of every match, and not just the team which wins in the end.
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    Your comments are very helpful, thanks everybody, especially Glasguensis. : )

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