bracketing standards (HPLC)

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Hola a todos:

En cromatografía, un "bracketing standard" (bracketing injection of working standard solution) es una inyección de solución de trabajo estándar que se usa para verificar la calibración continua del aparato/procedimiento. Necesitaría saber una traducción plausible para el español de LATAM. Hay quien usa "estándar extremo", hay quien usa "bracketing" directamente. Agradezco sus sugerencias.

  • Benzene

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    Hello Langosta!

    I suggest "bracketing standard (technique)" = "(técnica) estándar de agrupamiento".

    A "bracketing standard technique" is used to compensate for the data variability in chromatographic separation performance.

    The topic is related to the Statistics and the method is based practically on a "data grouping technique" = "(técnica) estándar de agrupamiento" . The grouping is managed by the integrator software associated with the column type, and column filler nature for HPLC.
    The "data grouping technique" mentioned above, in HPLC, is called "bracketing standards". Hence, the "bracketing" refers to the "brackets" that close the processed data when are edited in graphic structure/order.



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    Hi Benzene:

    Thanks for your input, but this is not what I am looking for. These "bracketing standards", as I said before, are "bracketing injections of working standard solution". I can offer you some context from the text I am working on:

    - Average peak area of (analyte) from bracketing standard injections.

    - Not more than 6 sample injections between bracketing standards.

    Also, please check out this and this.

    Thanks and regards,


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    Hi Langosta:

    Perhaps the word "intercalar" is useful here? For example:
    Inject the standard and test solutions onto the chromatograph such that duplicate injections of the test solutions are bracketed by injections of the standard solution.
    would translate as:
    Inyectar las soluciones estándar y problema en el cromatógrafo de manera que las inyecciones duplicadas de las soluciones problema queden intercaladas entre inyecciones de la solución estándar.

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