brain-based learning strategies

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We are having a literacy night at the elementary school where I teach. We will be having a speaker give a talk on Quantum Learning, a strategy that promotes active learning, keys to success, and positive reinforcement. I am translating a flyer to promote the event.

English--Quantum Learning is a combination of brain-based learning strategies and life skills that have proven to be effective for students of all ages.
Mi intento--El Aprendizaje Quantum es
una combinación de estratégias para aprender y destrezas para la vida diaria que han probado de ser eficaces para estudiantes de todas edades.
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    El Aprendizaje Quantum es una combinación de estrategias cerebrales de aprendizaje y destrezas de vida que han probado ser eficaces para estudiantes de todas las edades.


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    "Brain-based learning" is a term in educational jargon that refers to instructional approaches that supposedly take into account the biology of the brain. Here's an overview. So if the flyer really means "brain-based" in this way, it's not exactly cognitive strategies but biologically-based learning methods.
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