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Stephen Schmidt

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The truck slowed, he started toward it... and then it sped up again. She gave him one more
brief look as she went past. The smile was still on her face, but it had turned regretful. I had a brain-cramp
there for a minute, the smile said, but now sanity has reasserted itself.
This is Under the Dome by Stephen King. My question might not be expected but why would her
smile say that? I mean, why did she have a brain-cramp? Maybe because she thought he was attractive
or something and then ignored him after she saw how old he was (nearly fifteen years)?

Context: He, barbie, was on his way out of the town. As he was walking, he heard an engine coming behind him along
the road. He turned around and saw a beautiful ash-blond "street-legal" woman. He stuck out his thumb for a pickup. But
the she eventually ignored him and went on on her road.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    Oh well - I think you can guess - the idea passed through her mind that she might give him a lift - but then, far more sensibly, she decided not to. Hence - "Brain-cramp" -> an instance of an inability to think logically.
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