Brain freeze, cold-stimulus or ice-cream headache

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The only "brain freeze" I know of is from eating ice cream...
From "Brain freeze, cold headache, ice cream headache, shakeache, frigid face, freezie, Frozen Brain Syndrome, cold-stimulus headache, or its given scientific name sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia"
I am actually looking for a French equivalent for "Brain Freeze" or "Ice Cream Headache". Any thoughts ? Re: Context, it's pretty literal, there is someone eating a lot of frozen goodies and getting a headache, and people calling out "Brain freeze!" (I'm currently translating an animated series)

Thank you for your help!

Moderator note: This post was taken from this thread, Brain freeze or brain fugue , to create a new one. The reason is that the "brain freeze" in that thread is an idiom for a loss of memory or concentration.
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    Gel du cerveau
    Ce terme est couramment utilisé dans la terminologie médicale (brain freeze) – mais on parle aussi de céphalée de la crème glacée ou d'ice cream headache. Le terme ‘douleur au stimulus froid' apparaît aussi fréquemment. La douleur est liée au ‘rhino', au nez donc, et aussi au ‘sinus', ici la cavité nasale, mais surtout … au ‘ganglia', les cellules nerveuses.



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    looks like floise has found a good translation for the word brain freeze in the context of eating ice cream.

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