Brain like a fiddle


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This one is from How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 8.
There a pregnant woman who's having a problem,
her pregnancy is affecting her mental abilities (for expample: she finds her wallet in the fridge, etc.).
As part of that, she is mixing-up sentences and words (for expample: saying fungus instead of fetus, etc.).
They refer to that phenomena in this episode as "Pregnancy Brain".
So, when she and her husband is about to sell her grandparents house she tells her husband she called a real-estate broker when in fact she doesn't.
Her husband is asking: "Are you even called a real-estate broker?"
She replies: "No. I've got Pregnancy Brain like a fiddle and I've been playing you like a fox."
I think what she wanted to say was - I've got pregnancy brain like a fox and I've been playing you like a fiddle.
Anyhow, what does she mean, exactly, by that sentence?
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    "crazy like a fox" ((idiomatic) Behaving in a foolish, frivolous, or uncomprehending manner as a ruse for concealing clever deeds or deeper intentions) and "play someone like a fiddle" ((idiomatic) To manipulate (a person) skilfully.) are fairly common idioms which you can look up. I've provided you the definitions (and links) from
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