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I am listing adjectives that describe Saint-Germain-des-Prés. I have listed both branché and à la mode. Since they both translate as trendy, I feel that perhaps I'm being repetitive. Are they exactly the same? If so, which one would be better for me to use? Thanks.
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    Branché has a sense of "hype" whereas "à la mode" is fashionable. Some things can be "à la mode" but not "branché" as everybody wears them / listens to them / does them.
    I have to say that "branché" is a little old-fashioned though, we actually use the English word "hype" a lot nowadays.


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    I don't know if branché is (already!) old-fashioned, but to me it's more trendy than just à la mode. People who are "branché" are at the forefront (or avant-garde) of fashion, they "know it" before ordinary people (the same for "hype", of course). When ordinary people start following the new fashion, then it is "à la mode".
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