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I am not sure if this traslation is ok. I dont know if the brand is right placed. Thanks.

In order to obtain the values of deformation a P-3500 deformation indicator of the Measurement Group was used. The initial deformation values were taken in every one of the 24 strain gages (12 biaxial rosettes) and they are displayed in the results tables 1, 2 and 3.
  • Dama_J

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    Your translation is close. The part I don't understand is "of the Measurement Group". Do you mean that the Measurement Group is the company that created the p-3500 D.I.? If that is what you mean, I would write:

    The deformation values were obtained using Measurement Group's P-3500 deformation indicator. or
    The deformation values were obtained using a P-3500 deformation indicator developed by the Measurement Group.
    Your 2nd sentence is good.

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