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Bonjour a tous,

It's a marketing term, brand equity basically means the value that consumers associate with a brand.

The exact definition is "the differential effect of brand knowledge on consumer response to the marketing of a brand".

I don't think "equité de marque" is suitable here. I can't seem to find another translation.

Merci d'avance!
  • omnirocks

    The problem with marketing is that every term is international.
    It is likely that a French marketing director will say "Brand Equity".
    Anyway, I found a synonym on a marketing website :
    "Capital de marque".


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    Welcome to the forum Eamon :)

    Just confirming...

    The GDT (you can click on link to the dictionary) also suggests valeur de la marque with this definition and possible synonyms :
    Définition :
    Appréciation de la valeur d'une entreprise par le rôle du nom de marque qui détermine son évaluation et sa cote d'estime, et qui est liée à la position qu'elle occupe sur le marché.

    Sous-entrée(s) :
    capital-marque n. m.
    capital de marque n. m.
    valeur intrinsèque de la marque n. f.
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