brand spanking newly cleaned carpet

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I'm having trouble figuring out how this phrase is constructed. I understand from the WR dictionary that spanking is
informal outstandingly fine, smart, large, etc

Okay, that works here. But how does "brand" works, placed where it's placed? I can understand "brand new," but not "brand" in the construction "brand spanking newly cleaned carpet."

It's in Cecelia Ahern's novel The Time of my Life.

Thank you!
  • PaulQ

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    Brand is collocated with "new" ("I have a brand new car" = I am the first owner of this car fresh from the factory/dealer)

    Spanking is added between brand and new. Spanking = distinctive, excellent, perfect, etc. but is usually understood as an emphatic.

    "brand spanking new" is used only as adjectivally - it is not, and cannot be used as, an adverb.

    "brand spanking newly cleaned carpet." :cross::eek:

    I will write to Cecelia Ahern...


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    Ooh you're a harsh taskmaster, Mr Q ~ I like brand spanking newly cleaned (though I'd have a couple of hyphens in it, myself):)


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    I had the same reaction as ewie - brand spanking new is the 'ordinary' phrase, brand spanking newly cleaned is quite funny...:D.
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