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This is an extract from Rain Fall by Barry Eisler

Roppongi is a cocktail composed of Tokyo's brashest foreign and domestic elements, with sex and money giving the concoction its punch. It's full of Western hostesses who came to Japan thinking they were going to be models but who found themselves trapped in something else, selling risque conversation and often more to their sarariman customers, striding along in self-consciously stylish clothes and high heels that accentuate their height, their haughtiness meant to signify success and status but often indicating something closer to desperation;

I see that the word brash has some definitions and I am not sure which is suitable in this case. Would you like to help me with this? Thanks.
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    All of the defintions I found overlap and have relevance here: Showy, tasteless, overbearing, these are all aspects of brashness.

    The sense is that these people are loud and showy but slightly lacking in real substance.
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