brass coloured engine

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  1. cata81 Senior Member

    Romania Romanian

    Could someone pls help me translate this into Fr? ..brass coloured..?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Iznogoud

    Iznogoud Senior Member

    French - Canada
    Give it a try and we'll provide feedback on your attempt. That's how this forum works.
  3. cata81 Senior Member

    Romania Romanian
    ...ok..I can give it a try : moteur de couleur du laiton. This doesn't sound OK, does it?
  4. Denis the fatalist Senior Member

    Monaco Monte-Carlo
    Maybe it's also "cuivre" (copper, yellow brass), largely used in old cars.
    "couleur cuivre" ou "de cuivre" is a bit better, but not good yet.
    maybe forget the colour, the material itself means it
    Could you say "un moteur couleur de cuivre et de laiton" ou "un moteur bardé de cuivres et de laiton" ?
  5. cata81 Senior Member

    Romania Romanian
    Thanks Denis, I'll use your suggestion :)
  6. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    The translation is simply "un moteur couleur cuivre"
  7. Denis the fatalist Senior Member

    Monaco Monte-Carlo
    I've seen a lot of engines, some old, and some that I serviced ; i've a friend whose skin is said "cuivrée" ; some horn players I happen to know say that the sound of brass instruments has "a couleur cuivrée".
    But I've simply never seen - nor heard about "un moteur couleur cuivre" unless you paint it. copper melts at a too low temperature to make an engine with it. you can only use it for external parts.

    Then unless you painted it I think the safest translation is "bardé de cuivre" or "de cuivres", it depends if you mean the parts (-s), or the material (no -s).
  8. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    In fact "cuivré" is used in musical notation as an instruction to horn players to produce a brassy sound. The normal mellow sound of a horn played quietly is not regarded as "cuivré".

    Copper (Cu) is not the colour of brass (Cu+Zn) which is less red and more yellow. So to describe a brass-coloured engine as "un moteur couleur cuivre" would be misleading - surely it should be "un moteur couleur laiton"

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